Fun at the Bench

Scribbles on your fly tying bench are awesome. No, I’m not talking about what your children, or in my case, grand children, did with their crayons. I’m talking about those fun little bottles of fabric paint you can buy at the craft store. But don’t let your little munchkins get at them unsupervised or you Continue Reading »

Catching On – Fly Fishing in Montana

My brother-in-law, Rick, from Texas came to visit last week. Sister Marsha couldn’t make it because she’s not yet strong enough after major back surgery to correct scoliosis. She vows to come in December to go snowmobiling in Yellowstone. We put Rick up in the Guest House – that’s our slide-in camper parked in the Continue Reading »

Water Wednesday, Elk River, Fernie, BC

The Elk River, Fernie, British Columbia – The splendor of the Canadian Rockies accentuate the beauty of this glittering jewel as it flows through the small town of Fernie. We enjoyed a guided fly fishing trip on the Elk River from Hosmer to this take out spot, in Fernie. Healthy forests, friendly folks with sophisticated Continue Reading »