About Us

Ron Watt is a third generation Montanan of Norwegian and Scottish descent. He cut his teeth fishing for trout on Rattlesnake Creek in Missoula. His early outdoor adventures and hunting experiences also took place in the Rattlesnake drainage.

Clearwater River Steelhead

Ron with a steelhead on the Clearwater River near Orofino, Idaho.

Ron eventually began hunting and fly fishing all over Western Montana, and he has also spent many a springtime chasing steelhead on the Clearwater River near Orofino, Idaho.

Ron took up traditional bow hunting in his mid-twenties and has tipped over his share of critters with stick and string. Now in his mid-fifties, he still enjoys several weeks of hard hunting each year, beginning with bow season in October.

Ron’s passion in life is enjoying the great outdoors of Montana and sharing that passion with others.

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

Tracy on the Bright Angel trail of the Grand Canyon.

Tracy Watt was born and raised in Dallas, Tex. She grew up an urban cowgirl, barrel racing on a big sorrel quarter horse, and later developed a pension for hiking and long distance running. She has hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim and ran several marathons, including New York City, Boston and Los Angeles.

In the early 90’s Tracy became enamored with the movie “A River Runs Through It,” starring Brad Pitt, and in 1998 she moved to Missoula, Montana.

Since receiving her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Montana, Tracy has been writing and editing – mostly outdoor and conservation-related pieces. She has been a member of Outdoor Writers Association of America since 2004.

She met her fly fishing Brad Pitt – Ron – in 2001. They married two years later and have been shadow casting ever since.