Arctic Grayling, Big Hole River

Fluvial Arctic Grayling, Big Hole River

We caught (and released) this very special Fluvial Arctic Grayling in the Big Hole River on a #16 bead head pheasant tail nymph.

Grayling from the Big Hole River! We caught this little gem (on a #16 bead head pheasant tail nymph) between Jerry Creek and George Grant Memorial on the Big Hole River. This is just the second Arctic Grayling I’ve had the pleasure to catch and release.

At this time, the last viable native populations of these Fluvial (river-dwelling) Arctic Grayling are found only in the Upper Big Hole River, so they are extremely special trout. Their outstanding characteristics are the large sail-like dorsal fin and black spots on the body.

For the past many years, they’ve been considered for the Endangered Species List, but through cooperative efforts their numbers have been sufficiently restored, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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